Once upon a time, believe it or not, brands sought out influencers with like minded aesthetics, followings, and interests. While it seems like brands today prefer larger followings over curated audiences, match-made-in-heaven partnerships continue to thrive, like Lil Yachty and Nautica for example.

So how has a woman who has stomped her way over depression and heartache in thigh high boots for the better part of twenty years been denied branded footwear? It’s literally unfathomable.


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Imagine a Mary J Blige OTK boot with all the sass of a “Whats the 411,” with the depth of feel of “Not Gon’ Cry,” and a sole built for the necessary traction required for a dancerie?

Visualize a runway of models schooled in the artful tumble 2 step of R&B royalty, with two-tone halo braids as far as the eye can see.


Mary J Blige has an incredible track record of fashion shindig performances including the Jimmy Choo 20th Anniversary party this September, a Valentino soiree earlier in the year, and Vanity Fair in Cannes. The fashion world loves Mary, and Mary loves them back so… have a baby already.