At this point, the requests of women in the sneaker community are nearly ancient. (Note: inclusive sizing, premium finishes, and a deviation from grade school offerings would be a good place to start.) The nagging question remains, why are women’s sneakers so damn girly? Are brands even ready for the real work? That which requires more than the aforementioned?

What do women want?

It’s complicated.

A perfect women-led release would be better than whats offered to men. It would check the silhouette and colorway boxes, it would come with a backstory that resonates, the price point would be appropriate, and the performance enhancing qualities would be on par, but it would also possess some sort of eminence that says — brace yourself — this is a “men’s” shoe that has been ELEVATED to a woman’s standards.

Whether it’s a choice in textile, a detail, a call out to femininity (read: not girliness), something special. And special isn’t even the word for it. It’s something… indefinable.

As mystic and improbable as this may be to hear, it’s happening. Brands are getting it. And yes, there is reason for women sneaker enthusiasts to be optimistic. Take the Rox Brown AJ1 — a classic silhouette, versatile colorway, and the standout elements being 3M paneling and delicate rose embroidery. Check, check, check. 

Another perfect example — Aleali’s Court Luxe. A nostalgic Viotech Dunk-inspired color scheme with a detachable (but why would you ever) fur detail. ::chef’s kiss::

Maybe the Golden Age of Women’s Releases is upon us? Maybe we’re finally entering a wave of women-led, women-centric projects… that we actually want to wear.

Wouldn’t that be somethin’…

::gazes upward hopefully in an extremely dramatic fashion::